• Was curious if this is a faithful adaptation or are there ways for the community to improve the game beyond Vanilla. More or less from user created content.

    Personally speaking, I'd think it be cool if there were other transformation cards (Like Dress Luthica, Swimwear Cinia, etc, etc) for the other generic character cards.


  • @Strawman_Eckzein Im pretty sure this is faithful to the original, so you wont be getting any of that unless the original game does it.

  • Well Shucks.

  • I believe the current intent is that cards will be faithful to the original (though updated to match changes in the KR version, or at least changes that were known about when the original was still running). Certain mechanics (e.g. upgrades and obtaining coin cards) will likely be made easier to program streamlined, and cards with no existing recipe or a cash-only recipe are expected to be changed to require coins.

  • Interesting, and I appreciate the info, and the team who's working on Hope I didn't come off as crass with this kind of suggestion. At the very least, I'll pad out some of the fan art archives on the web, and of course Discord. ^ ^


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