Grinding Deck?

  • So what is the best and easiest to make grinding deck for this game?
    Also, is this game alive and getting updates still or mostly dead?

  • I also seem to be 1 card short of a full deck somehow?

  • If you're missing a card from your deck you may have accidentally clicked on it in the deck list on the left of the deck screen. If it was a starter deck card then try filtering your collection by EP0 to find it.

    The suggested cheap grinding deck right now is size 1 Passcode. You can start with a very basic unrefined version and use that to work towards a better version, e.g. a Rookie's Debut version.

    Basic initial PvE version

    PvE Rookie's Debut version

    There are also PvP versions that are built differently.

    This deck is very effective for a relatively cheap deck but can't handle everything, so you will eventually need a stronger deck. It should be sufficient to get you off to a good start though.

    For longer term grinding a Resurgence deck (which I can explain if needed) is probably the fastest grinding deck but struggles against most of the same bosses as size 1 Passcode. A more reliable deck is needed for handling those bosses.

    In all honesty the game is kind of dead right now.

  • Answer for Q1:

    It always depends according to your preference, even if it's just a general non-restrictive faction deck. There's that deck that focus mainly on buffs, others debuffs, or can be a mixture of both. For budget build deck, there's always the "Passcode Deck" where every followers in your field with same size buffs a lot at same time. There's also this "Normal Deck" featuring some mixture of both buffing and debuffing like Disappearance spell, etc. There's also the "Pure Debuff Deck" where everything is focused in burning enemy HP and/or destroying enemy followers in a single move. There's also (aside from those 3 aforementioned decks) the special type decks where focused on something else (locking enemy field, stalling, etc.). So in the end, it depends on your build, if you want your deck to be the "best". As for low budget deck, I will suggest Passcode Deck.

    Answer for Q2:

    Pretty much dead for NA/INT servers, since this is already locked on KR. Dunno if this game is still available on JP server.


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