SG Novel Project

  • Hi, this would sound crazy anywhere else, but since we are on a forum for a fan version of a game that shut down 3 years ago, I'm hoping this won't sound so out of place. I started working on a fanfiction story of Sword Girls several years ago, before the North American server was closed. Several years (and a LOT of writing and typing) later, I am now the proud parent a full length novel. I am wanting to get permission from Zeonix to publish it, and wondered if anyone on this site or its staff still has any contact with any members of the SG team who ran the US server? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  • @Ammaranth No idea how to do that. Hmm try posting on one of the SG staff's posts. Btw nice job making a SG Novel. I hope they notice it. Kudos. :)


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