Some questions

  • Alright.So as someone who played this game back before it had been shut down due to reasons I can't remember,I'm happy to have cleared up my schedule enough to have finally started playing again.
    However,i do have a question...
    Is it even possible to get all the cards anymore?Considering that,to my knowledge,theres no shop anymore,arent coins useless?And what of all the uncraftable cards,like Kana ?I see the cards exist on npcs but....Not quite sure if theyre accessible to us.And hell if theres secretly a shop somewhere do direct me towards it.While i dont mind spending months of grinding to get my old decks back,being able to just buy them wouldnt hurt either.Unless having that isnt possible

  • There's no shop. In the future the intent is to give unobtainable cards a new recipe that costs coins.

  • Fair enough. Thnx. Need my 2nd witness back ;-;.I remember how much of a shock it was at the time cause i got it from one of the daily free packs and appearently only one other person on the server at the time had done the same. Oh the memories


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