Missing card art, or is it not supposed to be there?

  • Anyone know where i can get an updated card data dl? there's quite a few pages worth of cards missing their images and i'm using the card pack from the site.

    i tried using the update button on the client but it fails to connect to anything resulting in a failed attempt. Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Just realized this is a forum for a completely separate version, i feel quite dumb right now.

  • Yeah, sounds like you're playing the .org version.

  • Has the .org version been kinda left to gather dust?

  • I don't really know. I believe @Sasuke runs swordgirls.org so maybe he can answer? You might get more useful answers regarding that version on its own forum, though if you ever want to play our version feel free to ask for help.

  • Fair enough, tried their forum page but the button to go to it would keep redirecting back to the main page. i'll try and figure it out. appreciate the replies.


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