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  • Hmm, i just played this game now, actually i've played the official one before it was closed xD

    anyway, i when i play this game, i can't go to the dungeon? i can only set up my deck, lab, xmute etc. help pls?

  • @Rizachsa Make sure your selected deck is complete (1 character, 30 spells/followers, 31 total).

  • @Nietono thanks man,... i'm so embarassed that it was just a simple thing xD

  • Hey is there a place I could go to see a various deck lists?

  • @Hina
    In my opinion best is to catch some experienced player in the game.
    Many of us can throw at you deck after deck only by recalling.
    To your knowledge: Shana is best at Muspel, Chris or Beshaba at 700-unlimited, me probably at 100-300.
    Just catch some experienced player and ask for particular ideas and decks - you don't get only ready made decks but also explanation why and modification versions.

  • Anyone know when the Muspelheim timer resets?

    Also is the coin shop in the game currently, because if it is I'm blind and I can't find it.

  • @Yuin ~40m after I'm posting this (it resets at 00:00 GMT).

    Also the coin shop isn't in yet.

  • Are there 'best' ore locations? ie I'm trying to find as many green ores as possible so wondering if there's a specific dungeon I should grind.

  • Im wondering where the best place to farm blue ores?

    I see the last update was in Feb, will there be anymore soon?

  • @Raydnt The last update was actually 3-4 weeks ago, the main page just isn't up-to-date.

    As for ore Goddess Tower drops a lot of blue ore (especially on floors that are a multiple of 5) and if you're really short of ore you can:

    1. Beat floor 5 of Goddess Tower.
    2. Forfeit (return to lobby) on floor 6.
    3. Repeat from step 1.

    Ore shortages tend to be temporary anyway. Long term you'll be swimming in ore but will likely be constantly short of accessories.

  • i just keep getting Error while updating. Any solution for it?

  • @messiahsama What is the error? Maybe @sharpobject will know how to deal with it.

  • I try to register but it says registration failed. What do I do? :(

  • @Nietono it just like "downloading swordgirlimages.dat" and then the gamescreen shows " error main.lua:70:" . Anyway it's fine cause i still play it on my laptop :ok_hand_tone2:

  • I can't open sgnet, whenever I try it just closes itself. Is it not compatible with OS X El Capitan? Thanks in advance!

  • I keep forgetting which dungeons are season 2.
    On that matter wheres the best place to farm for season 2 accessories?

  • @Raydnt Season 1:

    • ep0: Beginner Dungeon, Intermediate Dungeon, Advanced Dungeon
    • ep1: Frontier Dungeon
    • ep2: Witch's Tower, Shadowland (doesn't drop Heart Stones)
    • ep3: Crux Training Camp
    • EX1: Bamboo Garden
    • ep4: Linia's Mansion
    • ep5: Vampire Lands, Goddess Tower (doesn't drop Blood Packs)
    • ep6: Vita public School
    • EX2: Dream Island, Vivid World

    Season 2:

    • ep7: Catacombs
    • ep8: Ancient Sanctuary
    • ep9: 2S Detective Agency
    • UE1: no dungeon
    • EX3: Catch That Cat, Linia's World (doesn't drop Cat Paw Stamps)
    • ep10: Underground Library
    • ep11: Underground Altar
    • ep12: Royle City
    • UE2 no dungeon
    • ep13: Muzisitter Land
    • EX4: Weekly the Legend
    • ep14: Dimensional Rift
    • ep15: Altar of Kana (카나의 제단)

    Season 3:

    • ep16: Attack on Royle (로일 습격사건)

    As for farming season 2 accessories your best spots are Muzisitter Land (at 11+ clears) and Weekly the Legend (at 21+ clears), unless you can reliably beat Dimensional Rift (in which case do it instead of Muzisitter Land).

  • Hi, everyone. Can anyone remind me how to register? It has been really a lot while since I last played that I can't remember how to do it.

  • @secret.hush Run the FakeSG client, click the "Register" button on the login screen, enter a valid username + email + password, then click the "Register forrealz" button. Then use that email and address and password to log in.

    Side note: I'd forgotten the register screen had a button with "forrealz" on it. :rolling_eyes:

  • Hello, I played this game on windows 10 and it's really slow.
    How to make it work fast?


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