Bug Report Thread

  • Since there's not an official bug report thread, report any bugs or glitches you find here!
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    To start off with:
    Inspiration Lady (EP15) ID:300692

    The deactivation portion of her skill doesn't work quite right. When she attacks normally, her skill triggers just fine and deactivates her. When she counter-attacks while she's still active, her skill switches her to a random spot on the field, deals -5 STA, but doesn't deactivated her.

  • Witch Rianna's (300634) skill (Equalize - skill 1540) doesn't seem to work at all. I suspect the faction check is incorrect (it checks for the faction of player instead of player.character).

  • This post is deleted!

  • Slight inconsistency with how negative damage/healing is displayed (or at least from what I've seen): negative damage shows up as "--X" (double minus sign compared to single minus sign for positive damage), whereas negative healing shows up as "+X" (same as positive healing, no minus sign at all).

  • I'm not shure where is the problem but i will steal pick it up.
    Seeker Beryl def -1 part of skill is extremely odd versus npc. I checked it versus players and everything is fine but when used against npc it feels like blank. I activated def -1 part of skill at least 100 times and never saw single debuffed follower...
    Is it that it doesn't works against npc or for some reason npc has been coded for 0% chance of playing those cards? Either way it's sth wrong with it.

  • administrators

    Seeker Beryl is working.

  • Occult Lady Charlotte is missing the "Ain Soph Ohr" turn-start skill (the one the other Occult followers have) despite it being listed on fakeswogi (she's listed as having 2 turn-start skills on fakeswogi).

  • Hi there :)
    Just found a little visual bug with helena's contact : when your life is superior to 30, the atk buff is red and the sta debuff is blue.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi! Just joined in again after a few years and I seem to have troubled registering. I downloaded the zip at swordgirls.net and unzipped it somewhere in my system. When I try to register, it always says "Registration failed :(" even though my internet's stable.

  • @latenightbeatz You might want to try a different version of whatever name you were aiming for. I'm pretty sure the usual restrictions for usernames apply (maximum length, no invalid characters, etc).

    If that's not the issue then hopefully @sharpobject can help.

  • You can only xmute to season 3 accessories but not from season 3 acessories.

  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80276264/swordgirls/card.htm?id=300692
    If it is attacked when it's still active, opponent will get -5 sta, this card will move to 1st empty slot but still be active. It's only deactive when this card is the one do the attack.

  • Sending Information (200624) doesn't give the [Zero] attack skill.

  • Special Flag Bearer Frett (300745) buffs the opponent instead of debuffing them ([Frett Tech!], skill 1667).

  • Student council treauser Amy skill is doing the wrong thing. Her skill is randomly changing her attack.

  • To add to the above [Budget Cutback!] (skill 1664) is setting Amy's (300739) stats, not the defender's.

    Witch Cadet Fade's (300742) attack skill [Meditation] (skill 1665) is rounding up instead of down.

    Edit: Amy's skill is also not replacing itself with the [Refresh] skill.

  • Muzisitter's Appearance! not working as intended?

    The first 10 cards of both players Decks are sent to the Grave. 
    If this happens, 10 random cards with a different name than this card are sent from your Grave to the bottom of your Deck. 
    10 random cards are sent from the enemy Grave to the bottom of the enemy Deck. This card is removed from the game.

    What I want to ask is, if I have less than 10 cards in deck with more than 10cards in grave this cards is supposed to work right? With the result of 10 cards in deck after use?

  • @fuyuyu As long as you and/or the opponent have at least 1 card in the deck to discard it will discard whatever it can then recycle 10 (or as many cards as possible if there are less than 10 in the grave) for each player. So yes, this can be used to regain some cards (useful against Muspelheim floor 21).

  • The spell spawn by white whale creavase, white whale rush does nothing.


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