Glacier deck - God Mode Nemesis

  • Pretty expensive deck but not so worth neither for pvp nor pve. Basically its a fun deck with a minumum of 300 dp, witnessing Nemesis become a God. All you need is:

    Glacier Ice
    Jaina(EP14, the core build)
    2 DR cruxs

    And the recommeded DR:
    Double Dress Up
    Sanctuary Pillar

    Personally, I uses Double Dress and Shock. But, if you kind of anxious about losing Jaina, you can replace Double Dress with Awakening for the late game (thx to akihito).

    But why Nemesis? Why not the other OP followers?

    Because the synergy between Nemesis and Glacier AND Jaina is HOLY DANG SON. You will keep recycle and recycle DR until Jaina exhausted. But how does the recycle works? Thanks to the Nemesis speciality, Glacier can pull back DR and sent it to your hand.

    And thats it. I think veteran players already figured this out, but for those newbie out there should, at least(?) know this. Glacier is a crafty char, so she can make a lot of other stuffs. Thanks for reading.

    Example of fat Nemesis late game:


  • Yeah works very nice until... Jaina or Nemesis dies. Nemesis is extremally fragile 1 turn (4-2-7 with no increase from skill or +1/+1) when you play her so for snowballing Nemesis i strongly recommend shock + double dress up. In addition i recommend rolling trance spells to recycle your crux duo.

    I tried both Nemesis setup with shock + dress up and Jaina + something with shock + awakening. I prefer using that combo as a def ramp for the rest of the deck and strong start rather than win condition. Too fragile for my taste.


  • Yes. A splendid remark @Akihito . This deck basically is useless either without Jaina and Nemesis in early game (1-3 turn phased). I forgot to remind newbies on the post that you only needed 4 crux cards in deck. You can always play more than 4 crux cards but I doubt rng would be to compassionate to draws both Jaina and Nemesis in 1st turn as you need to buff Nemesis asap.

    As for trance spells, its really good counter-measure debuff card (especially removed skill spell). But I doubt this deck can withstand removal/deskilling let alone being a pvp deck. Welp, I called its a fun deck for a purpose but if anyone want to refine this deck then be my guest.


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