Bug Report Thread

  • @Nietono thank you. It may be on my end. If not, I will collect evidence. I'll uninstall and reinstall to see if it fixes it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Before you deleted it I spotted that most of those followers weren't Academy followers.

  • @Nietono Nevermind! I just realized that Bedroom Nold only shrinks Acadamy followers.

  • Character bugs:

    • Team Manager Vernika (100019) rounds up instead of down.
    • Second Daughter Rose Pacifica (100031) uses the full size of the discarded card instead of half.
    • Chess Cinia (100016) averages with slot 4 even if slot 4 is a spell. This applies to the NPC version too (110227).
    • The NPC version of Dress Cinia (110226) rounds down instead of up.
    • Swimwear Jaina (100046) doesn't buff stamina.
    • Office Chief Esprit (100112) rounds down instead of up.
    • The NPC Aka Flina character (110121) uses the full life difference instead of half.
    • The boss Royle Police Chief (120025) rounds the size of the follower sent to her field down instead of up.

    Unreleased follower bugs:

    • Chuseok Asmis (300701) resets def instead of size with her defend skill (skill id 1616, her skill seems to be copied from Chuseok Rose).
      Edit: The skill text for this also says def instead of size (from what I can make out from Google Translate the translation on swogitools-v2 is correct, the skill text is wrong).
    • Chuseok Linus (300702) has no cap on her attack skill (skill id 1612).

    Available spell bugs:

    • Layna's Wish (200548) does a less than or equal to check instead of a less than check.
    • Memory loss (200498) only buffs stamina by 0 or 1 instead of the same as or 1 more than the attack buff.
    • Relapse (200449) rounds up instead of down on everything for the original follower and rounds the size down instead of up on the copy.
    • Escape (200130) is rounding up instead of down.
    • The EX4 version of Vampiric Rites (200533) doesn't increase size.
    • Comrades (200330) halves stamina instead of size and rounds everything down instead of up.
    • When there's a tie for highest stat total Dark Assembly (200133) only dubuffs the first appropriate target instead of all tied targets.
    • Witch Blade (200065) rounds down instead of up.

    Unavailable spell bugs:

    • The skill given by Shield Flash (200253, skill id 1205) doesn't check for there being another Crux card on your field.
      Edit: from what I can make out from Google Translate this skill is working correctly but the text is wrong.

    Unreleased spell bugs:

    • Prohibition (200522) sets spells in the player's hand to size 1 too instead of just followers.

  • Neet Lady Neetness (300356) is discarding instead of bottom-decking the first spell in the opposing hand with her defend skill (skill id 1246).

    Edit: To whoever fixes the above, skill 1247 is commented as belonging to Alameda instead of Adalia, skill 1249 is commented as belonging to Adalia instead of Alameda.

    Edit 2: The attack skill (skill id 1256) of Dark Witch Seven (curently unreleased, 300367) is coded to debuff 2 random opposing targets instead of the defender and a random non-defender target.

    Edit 3: Aletheian C-EDA's (300360) defend skill (skill id 1251) doesn't trigger if the attacker's atk is exactly equal to her def + sta. However this seems to be a translation issue (the KR text seems to specify greater than).

    Edit 4: One-Winged Edelfelt's (currently unavailable to players, 300363) defend skill (skill id 1254) creates the new copy in the first empty slot instead of the last.

    The EP16 version of Request (200620) sends itself to the last empty slot in the opposing field instead of the first (though the slot for the sent followers is correct).

    Edit 5: Alibi (200625) doesn't reactivate the target, it just buffs it.

    Edit 6: Library Explorer (200280) deactivates opposing cards in order rather than random opposing cards.

    Edit 7: Student Council Unveiling (200265) discards the first card in your hand instead of bottom-decking it.

    Edit 8: Lady's Selection (200268) discards a random opposing spell instead of bottom-decking it.

    Edit 9: Really Quick Service (200287) swaps the first followers in the opposing field and hand instead of random followers. I already fixed this previously, the fix just isn't live yet.

  • The game crashes when searching '[' in the lab.
    malformed pattern (missing ']')

  • Start the Counterattack (200566) always shows the animation on the player's slots even when hitting opposing cards.

  • Not a bug per se, but Library Explorer (200280) could do with having an animation to indicate what it just deactivated.

  • Waitress Rianna (100099).
    Ingame description is wrong. It should be:
    ● 1-3: STA +4

    ● 3-5: SIZE -1/ATK +1

    Instead of:
    ● 1-3: STA +4

    ● 2-5: SIZE -1/ATK +1

  • @Megumii Her text is right, her effect is wrong - swordgirls.org is out-of-date on what slot ranges the Rianna characters use. Though nearly all Rianna characters share this bug.


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