Bug Report Thread

  • To add to the above While Whale Rush is set as id 200628 (the id of Maple Viewing, which isn't coded) instead of 200630 (which has nothing set to it).

  • I tried to transform mother demon into wedding mother demon, but she transformed into the same card, while all of her stats were above 200.

  • Ep16 Request (200620) reduces its own size by 1 rather than setting its own size to 1 .

  • Nether Visitor buffs Engineer Gepette 2/1/2 (on field), but only 1/0/1 to Gepette (on hand/deck).

  • Tea Time (200104) doesn't apply the cap of 4. Yes, there is a bug in a card that old (EX1).

    Edit EX4 Pass the Blood (200532) can buff a non-Darklore follower.

  • Knight Agent Mytyl's (300731) Terrain Adaptation skill (skill 1650) only works in odd slots instead of even slots.

  • Sherlock (200627) is only dealing stamina damage to the hand, not the field.

  • Secret art nameless flash does not deal the life reduction.

  • @chris It does, just to the wrong player. -_-

  • @Clion said in Bug Report Thread:

    Nether Visitor buffs Engineer Gepette 2/1/2 (on field), but only 1/0/1 to Gepette (on hand/deck).

    after asking my friend who had both Gepette and Nether Visitor back in global version, he said that effect was the same as global version.
    so I thinks it's not a bug then.

  • Halloween Asmis character doesn't reduce sizes from top of the deck but from the bottom. +1 stamina for Asmis followers works.

  • A Single Flower (200155) heals by the difference in hand sizes, not the difference minus 1.

    Edit Note to whoever fixes this: Supposedly on the KR version having 0 difference just heals for 0, it doesn't damage the player.

  • Similar to the issue with Halloween Asmis, Sita's Delivery (200482) counts from the bottom instead of the top.

    Edit I suspect Limit Break is sending the 9th card, not the 8th.

    Edit 2 Lady Vid and Ron's (300467) defend skill ([Trade!], skill 1363) is discarding from the bottom of the deck too.

    Edit 3 Discovery of a Gate (200579) checks the last card in the deck instead of the first.

    Edit 4 The Halloween versions of Asmis, Linus, Rose, and Helena do nothing at exactly 12 life (they should trigger the "at least 12" effect). In fact for some reason they're specifically coded to do nothing at exactly 12 life :confused: . Halloween Sita, Cinia, Luthica, and Iri do not have this issue for whatever reason.

  • Bugs in currently available cards:

    • Victims (200604) is debuffing any of your own followers that don't have a defend skill instead of those that do.
    • Kindergarten Layna (100211) doesn't account for the +1 size from her own effect when calculating the buff and debuff.
    • The EP16 Discovery (200607) always sets def to 0 (because it finds the highest sta a second time instead of finding the highest def it never checks for the highest def).
    • Still Alive (200626) doesn't reset the follower's size. Note: I can forsee a certain player wanting to find a way to abuse this >_>

    Bugs in currently unavailable cards:

    • The Maid and Knight transformations of Mother Demon (100245 and 100246 respectively) have their extra effects swapped.
    • GS Executive Binch (100227) seems to be coded to check if the player contains 5 cards when trying to spawn GS Fighter, not the player's hand.
    • Empire Eisenwane's (300736) attack skill ([Nevermore], skill 1660) isn't coded.
    • 2nd Princess Hanobelle's (300705) defend skill ([Princess Ward], skill 1662), Library Club Gatekeeper's (300706) attack skill ([Book's Harmony], skill 1620), and Empire Eisenwane's (300736) defend skill ([Awakening], skill 1661) aren't coded to remove themselves.
    • Underground Library (200586) is coded to remove an opposing spell at random instead of the first with a low enough size.
    • Secret Garden (200587) doesn't buff sta for followers that had a size of exactly 3. Assuming the size reduction is supposed to happen before the sta buff (which would seem to be the case based on the wording) this also stops followers with a previous size of 4 (new size of 3) from getting the sta buff.
    • Life of Study (200615) is coded to debuff one of your own followers instead of the oppponent's.

  • Can we make Sending Information (200624) not restricted to Crux Faction character? Would make this spell very handy.

  • Fairy Borrowers (200356) targets the first suitable follower instead of the first suitable card, graves rather than destroys, and doesn't damage the user.

    Edit: Shaman's Prayer ( 200346) always buffs the first two Darklore followers on your field instead of two random Darklore Followers on your field.

    Edit 2: The character version of White Whale Crevasse (100250) spawns her spell in the first empty slot of your field, not a random empty slot.

    Edit 3: The EX3 uncommon anti-NPC buffs also target the first suitable targets on both fields instead of targeting randomly.

    Edit 4: So do the following:

    • Encounter with the Spirit (200403)
    • Encounter (200178)
    • Alliance Refusal (200514)
    • Really Quick Service (200287)

  • Aletheian G-NUSA (300529) gives the same version of the [Misfortune] skill that Crux Knight Oclette does (a defend skill) instead of an attack skill version. Note: the skill text for this skill is for skill 1426, which is currently uncoded.

  • For some reason Succubus Vermille (300734) is coded not to send herself to the top of your deck if your hand is full.

  • The character card 'Bedroom Nold' is not using her ability randomly, but instead using it only on cards that are in slot 3 on the field.

  • @Montesat Nope, it definitely targets randomly:
    Bedroom Nold Buffing slot 1

    I can't say for definite there's no bias in targetting, but as far as I can tell there isn't.


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